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Maybe if you all stopped obsessing over the ships so much, the actors and writers would respect you more. You constantly talk about shipping, bother the actors with shipping, and then you are surprised that they get annoyed. All Jill always talk about on Wolf Watch is romance and guys being shirtless and you can see the actors are tired of it already, and then they go to cons, happy and excited to meet their fans and discuss the show and their characters with them, and you ask “Who do you ship?” Sorry, but that would start pissing me off, too. That’s why O’Brien and Posey were annoyed by the last question asked at SDCC. Because it was bloody annoying.

Ask the actors about them. Ask about their headcanons, what kind of role they would like to play, what they would add to the show, what scene was hard for them to film, what kind of movie/show they would like to play in, who is their idol, what celebrity they would like to meet and why, what it’s like for them on the set, what did they learn or wish to learn, how do they prepare for certain scenes. Ask about their characters on Teen Wolf. Ask where they would like to see their character in the future, what kind of job do they think would fit their character, how do they think their character is recovering after something that happened to them, about the development of not romantic relationships between their characters. Ask about the show. Ask about the plot holes, about things that were only mentioned, but you are curious about. Hell, even a question if Peter will ever stop wearing v necks was good, because it made the actors and Jeff laugh and they had fun answering it. There’s countless interesting questions you can ask them. Shipping questions are freaking annoying at this point.

And the next thing, the constant hate on the actors because of their characters. That has to stop. Hate the characters all you want, but don’t drag the actors into it. You hate Malia? Awesome, good for you. Don’t send Shelley hate, don’t inslut her, don’t call her fat, don’t try to drive her off the show. Can’t stand Stiles or Scott? Okay, that’s your business. Don’t send hate to Dylan or Tyler, don’t call them druggies, don’t insult them, don’t wish them the worst in their careers. Don’t mock Holland’s looks and don’t insult Hoechlin or anyone else just because they are not Oscar worth actors.

Also, the queerbiting you always whine about? There is none. Sure, they use Sterek to win polls and stuff, but Derek’s and Stiles’ relationship has never been written or played by the actors to make it look like there’s something going on between them. The Kira and Malia dance scene was not queerbiting, it was a scene of two girls dancing in a club. That’s it. I get you have this must-find-something-problematic-on-everything complex, but it’s getting out of hand. Just stop.

You all always cry for respect, but you don’t deserve it in the first place. You insult the actors and the writers and you expect them to just close their eyes over it and be okay with it? You don’t just get respect, you have to earn it, and if you don’t respect someone, don’t expect them to respect you either.

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Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, they’re all romantic interests.

If one’s a coincidence, and two’s a pattern, what’s three?


Anónimo said: Do you think Jay sometimes sits on his bed after patrol and talks to his helmet about his problems with Bruce and then he gets really frustrated cuz he can't find a solution and the helmet doesn't react and he gets angry and throws it against a wall like "Bruce why don't you ever REACT?! You're like my stupid helmet..." and then tells himself he's just being silly, but he still feels just as angry and frustrated?


I’M LAUGHING omg this is perfect hahahaha. He totally would, he has a habit of talking to inanimate objects:



Okay, so yes, boycotting one episode may not do much. But why not try? Why not send Jeff and his team a message that we are not happy with what happened this weekend? And what’s happened in the past with the fandom?

This isn’t about Sterek anymore. This is about the loyal fanbase, the ones that…